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Meet Our New Goats



   Meet our new partners in the control of invasive species and undergrowth at Sandra Richardson park.  The goats are owned by Mike Mourer of Twin Willow Ranch located near Milan, Michigan.

Goats are a great natural source for controlling undergrowth in open land areas.  These goats are a Boer breed that originated in South Africa around 1900. Their name is derived from Afrikaans (Dutch) word boer, meaning farmer. (reference Wikipedia).  Boer goats are popular for their meat.   According to Mike, goat meat is consumed more the any other meat around the world.

Twin Willow Ranch has about 50 head of goats and Mike uses the goats in a dual management role.  As you may know, goats are known to eat almost everything, including poison ivy.  They are especially valuable for controlling the invasive species of plants that continue to take over open land areas.  With using goats on yearly basis, they become a valuable natural source of land management, especially for park land such as Sandra Richardson park.

In the dual management role of his ranch, Mike raises the goats for meat and rents out the goats, for about 20 years now, to manage areas of land owned by Universities, State and local Townships.   Twin Willows Ranch benefits from the meat of the goats and by renting them out, they are producing a second income for the ranch.  A third benefit from the goats is the land owners who have use the goats as part of a land management process.


 Working with Mike and Twin Willow Ranch has been a very pleasant experience.  Seeing the goats munching away on the underbrush and sometimes standing on their back legs is fun to watch. The York Township Park’s Committee looks forward to working with Twin  Willow Ranch as a great, natural resource for managing areas of Sandra Richardson and Mary McCann Parks.

For more information on the use of goats and Twin Willow Ranch contact Mike Mourer at 734-439-8170

Or e-mail him at

Or visit his Facebook page at Twin Willow Ranch

For more information about this article and York Township Parks phone 734-439-8842

Article written by Paul Fairchild

Chair – York Township Parks & Recreation Committee


    Beautification Around Mary McCann Park Sign

John Bulmer, a former York Township Trustee, and York Township Park Committee Alumni approached our park committee with an offer of a grant from Gleaners Life Insurance Company, headquartered in Adrian Michigan.  Gleaners Life Insurance Company offers to it’s policy holders, such as John, a $250 grant to encourage giving back to the community and support of charitable programs.

Ideas were discussed at our monthly park committee meeting and Kathy Fischer had a great idea of improving the immediate area around the Mary McCann Park sign along Warner Road.  With the park committee’s approval, she partnered with Joan Black, a Master Gardener and together decided on some Columbines, Anemones and Astilbe.

With flower list in hand, Adam Freeburn did a great job in finalizing and organizing the actual purchasing and setting a planting date of June 2, 2018.

On that Saturday morning, Kristen Schaldenbrand, Pete Swope, Adam Freeburn, John Bulmer and myself ( Paul Fairchild) tackled the job.  We had a great time and fun while working together and within in a short time frame, had everything planted.  Mulch was added, the area finalized, and the project was done.  I say, “Well done” I always enjoy working with such great people in our township and area.

Our park committee says many thanks to John Bulmer, Joan Black, Kathy Fischer and Gleaners Life Insurance Company!  Special thanks go to Kristen Schaldenbrand, Pete Swope & Adam Freeburn for their help!

Pictured are ( L to R ): Adam Freeburn, Pete Swope, Kristen Schaldenbrand, & John Bulmer

Mary McCann Park is located between Willis & Bemis Roads on Warner Road.   Mary McCann Park offers multiple trails through woods and open prairie type settings.  It is a quiet, natural park, offering visitors an escape from their daily activities.

Come, enjoy York Township’s two great parks!  Sandra Richardson and Mary McCann.

Paul Fairchild

Chair – York Township Parks & Recreation Committee

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